Firm Overview

Benzoni Law Firm

Benzoni Law Office, P.L.C., was established in 1992. Our practice includes immigration and deportation, criminal law in both state and federal court, divorce and family law, as well as juvenile law.

Our law firm is oriented towards service of people. The largest volume of cases include immigration, criminal, and family law. We pride ourselves in providing quality legal representation.

We have a superb staff of both paralegals and office professionals. Our staff is well trained, very courteous and knowledgeable. They operate directly under an attorney’s supervision when working on cases.

We have found it is important to maintain adequate communication with our clients. We strive to return phone calls promptly, and keep our clients informed on the progress of their cases through letters, copies of motions, and other communications.

Our firm is oriented towards litigation. Accordingly, it is important our clients stay in contact with us, and keep us informed as to any change of address or circumstance which may affect their case. Good client relations is a paramount concern in our law firm.

Our law firm operates with a strong sense of justice and duty. We are willing to zealously represent our clients in a variety of forums. Likewise, we expect our clients to fully cooperate so we can provide the most effective legal service possible.

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