Mr. James Benzoni

James Benzoni

Mr. Benzoni has been practicing law since 1991. His primary practice area is immigration law, especially deportation and family immigration law. He graduated from Drake University Law School in 1990, and was admitted to the practice of law in 1991.

Prior to focusing solely on immigration law, Mr. Benzoni practiced extensively in juvenile law and criminal law in both state and federal courts. Mr. Benzoni’s extensive experience in criminal legal representation laid the foundation for his present practice, focused strongly on deportation cases involving the intersect of criminal law and immigration deportation law. Mr. Benzoni has both written and lectured widely regarding criminal deportation law, as well as representation of aliens in criminal cases before both state and federal courts. Additionally, Mr. Benzoni frequently advises attorneys representing aliens in state and federal criminal cases regarding how to most effectively represent their alien clients to avoid or minimize immigration deportation consequences.

Mr. Benzoni was adjunct professor of immigration law at Drake University Law School from 1997 to 2004. He continues to teach a week long intensive basic immigration law training seminar, open to both attorneys from around the United States as well as nonBprofit personnel and paralegals and others who may be interested in immigration law practice and procedure.

Due to the great and continuing need for competent immigration law practitioners, Mr. Benzoni founded the Midwest Legal Immigration Project in 1996. The focus of the Midwest Legal Immigration Project is to assist in ensuring that there are adequate knowledgeable and competent attorneys around the United States and especially in the Midwest to adequately represent alien clients before both the Immigration Service and Immigration Court in family and deportation matters. More information regarding both the seminars and the Midwest Legal Immigration Project can be found at

Prior to attending law school, Mr. Benzoni studied for six years for the ministry, graduating from St. Meinrad College Seminary in Indiana magna cum laude in 1976. After graduation, he spent ten years traveling throughout the United States and other parts of the world spreading the message of peace and brotherhood of all men. During the course of this time, Mr. Benzoni was privileged to live with and share the lives of people from all walks of life and all social classes. He had the opportunity to travel extensively in Mexico and India, living with the people. He also traveled through Iran, Afghanistan, and other parts of the Middle East and Europe during this time. It was during these travels that Mr. Benzoni came to see how other people in other cultures lived, and was able to share their lives with them on a daily basis.

After attending law school, Mr. Benzoni was able to bring his knowledge of other cultures and interest in other people into focus through immigration law. Over the years, his immigration law practice continued to increase until the present time, when it forms the main basis of Mr. Benzoni’s immigration law practice.

Due to the fact that most of Mr. Benzoni’s clients are working class people rather than employers, Mr. Benzoni does not practice in the area of business immigration law. Rather, he refers those cases to other attorneys with more experience in that area of the law.

While Mr. Benzoni’s primary practice is focused on representing clients in Iowa and Nebraska and the upper Midwest, he also represents persons in other states upon request. Each case is individual evaluated to determine if it meets the Benzoni Law Office criteria before actually accepting a case for representation.

In addition to his immigration law practice, Mr. Benzoni is also a firm advocate for the rights of immigrants in the United States. His practice is based on the firm foundation that all people are brothers and sisters, and that we live on this planet together. The principles of peace and justice can only be achieved if each of us recognizes our relationship to other people, including persons from other countries. Additionally, based on this recognition, Mr. Benzoni firmly believes that each person is entitled to equal rights and representation before the law, and that no person should be treated unfairly or unjustly.

Consistent with his dedication to the rights of all person, including those from other countries, Mr. Benzoni likewise has written and advocated extensively for immigration law reform, and has championed the rights of immigrants including in media such as television and newspapers. He continues this advocacy in both his law practice and in his private life.

Mr. Benzoni employs a very competent and diverse staff, several of whom come from other countries. His staff is bilingual, with several legal assistants speaking Spanish as their first language.

In order to ensure that each case receives appropriate attention, each client of the Benzoni Law Office is assigned to an individual legal assistant. In this manner, the client is ensured that there will be someone knowledgeable regarding their case whether the representation is in immigration court or federal court. Additionally, by assigning each case to an individual legal assistant, the client is ensured hands-on high quality work with individual attention to each case.

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